Our vendor partners will notice several changes required by this new system:

  • Department of Defense security instructions require the use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for authentication to Government systems.
  • IDEAS assigns CSA numbers at the time the order is awarded instead of following delivery of the service. As we transition from our legacy systems to IDEAS, we will change the way we number telecom orders. In fact, our newer contracts have already begun using the new process.
  • You will receive a modification changing the CLINs period of performance (PoP) if the completion date you provide is different from the service date requested on the start order or modification.
  • You will have better access to your contract data. Using the required IDEAS account, you will be able to track contracts, orders, and modifications as well as contracting opportunities all within the portal. Please understand IDEAS is only for contracting activities. The financial system manages invoicing and payment.
  • IDEAS development follows service-oriented architecture. As the system matures, we look forward to reducing document exchanges and, where beneficial, providing order data Web services that support system to system data exchanges. We believe this will help reduce errors in order and completion notice exchanges.

When using IDEAS, vendors have access to solicitations and orders from DITCO and can submit responses to solicitations and completions notices for provided services.