Getting ECA Certificates

Pursuant to Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal regulations, DISA PSD is required to restrict access to IDEAS to those entities/individuals with the proper credentials. In short, this means that we migrate away from the DISA PSD Contracting Opportunities (DCOP) Web page, and migrate to IDEAS. All users will require a PKI certificate to access the system.

Your company representatives, who will be participating in DISA contracting activities, must have a certificate before their access to IDEAS is granted.

DoD approved PKI certificates include Partner PKIs that have completed Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) interoperability testing and approval for use on DoD systems. The list of Approved External PKIs are listed at:

The following DISA web page ( provides links to approved External Certificate Authorities (ECA). To apply for your certificate, select one of the approved ECA vendors and complete the registration. When applying, personnel will be required to verify their identity. A Medium Assurance certificate is the type of certificate required.